Leadership Training for Managers

This workshop will teach you the necessary skills to become an effective leader. Leaders need to know when to apply either supportive or directive coaching and be able to analyze the readiness level of their people to receive coaching. Our workshop teaches innovative ways to gain employee commitment to organizational goals and objectives.


Good managers know that building relationships with their subordinates is a proactive method to achieve successful objectives. We train managers to use of a variety of coaching techniques and approaches to best accommodate the person and the circumstance. Our method shows how the appropriate blend of supportive and directive coaching can bring out the best in your staff member.

Our leadership development program is designed to focus on leadership pressures and stress management skills to develop the leader’s conflict resolution methods that will be conducive to achieving positive bottom line results. Our leadership training modules serve to enhance leadership skills and self-confidence development necessary to reinforce commitment, which can translate strategies into an effective action plan that generates success.
Our workshops have been extremely effective in training team leaders how to lead and motivate staff members to respect and support their leaders. This workshop instructs leaders to own their responsibility as leaders and understand how to develop new leaders within their subordinate team.