Who needs a Network Assesment?

A Network Assessment is the first step to any successful business plan!

An Assessment provides the ability to determine what stage in the technology lifecycle a business is in. It further allows for the creation of a Technology Plan which details how to overcome problems with your current infrastructure, while realizing key business objectives. After your Network Assessment, a detailed Technology Plan can be developed and solutions can be implemented.

An Assessment\Technology Plan is an ongoing process, and a good Technology Plan will address both the tactical and strategic goals of an organization. However, just as business needs will evolve, the technology needed to meet those needs will also evolve. Performing scheduled reviews of the implemented technology plan will help ensure that technology is up-to-date with organizational objectives.

With new technology come new threats. Security and Risk Management is an area which needs to be considered at all stages of the technology lifecycle and needs to be consistently reviewed and updated. Existing systems should receive (and in some cases will require) regular audits of security controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information contained within. We possess the tools and services available which an organization can implement to help mitigate the risks posed by external and internal forces.

The next step after a Network Assessment is a Technology Plan.