Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission at NPS Consulting is to provide our clients and customers with the latest technological advantages in this ever growing industry we dare name network technology.

In this mission our goal is to provide each client with an economical cost efficient assessment of their Network Infrastructure. One in which they can observe and view the financial saving during the fiscal year.

As your consultants, our primary objective is Price, Performance and Security; Meaning providing our clients with a secure economical solution that is scalable.

The reasons for securing your assets are:

With data cost being on the rise with each coming year

Companies are losing millions of dollars due to theft of intellectual property

 Companies suffering financial loss due to legal liabilities: due to lack of encryption policies and not being FIPS compliant.

Our specialist in the field of Network Security will take the appropriate precautionary measures of keeping your assets secure.

Intellectual property is the heart and soul of an organization and we at NPS Consulting have a proven track record from numerous clients who have profited greatly from our services.

Business Continuity is our focus for you.