Mobile Computing

Mobile computing refers to the leveraging of portable computer devices, as well as wireless and remote access technologies to expand network endpoints and allow users to access business critical IT assets such as email, intranet, network storage and business applications from outside or beyond the organization’s physical perimeter.

Mobile and remote computing provides better support for an organization’s sales force and other business intelligence, and business groups whose responsibilities take them beyond the reach of the boundaries of the hard-wired network. In addition to enhanced communication and accessibility, mobile computing can help improve employee morale, and pave the way for flexible work programs, job-sharing and succession planning while increasing efficiency and responsiveness to customers, reducing reliance on traditional network infrastructure and support.

Mobile Computing technologies such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, VPN’s, IPADs, PDAs, Wi-Fi, Blue Tooth, Flash Memory and wireless broadband. This technology also involves some unique security considerations that must be addressed through configuration, policy and training.