Vision Statement

Our vision is the growth and success of our clients, further enhancing our reputation of excellence. We are the future integrators of wireless technology in reference to connectivity and security. NPS Consulting is equipped with highly trained, highly educated and extremely professional individuals with a passion for satisfying and meeting their clients’ needs.   We meet the goals and objectives of our clients efficiently, effectively and economically.  

As your consultants we are hereby obligated to inform you of the various laws, statutes, regulations and contractual obligations that could possibly affect your business processes with its clients, whether it is directly and/or indirectly. We will take precautionary measures supplying you with an up- to- date list of existing factors for awareness purposes to protect your assets, clients, and revenues, whether they are nationally or internationally bound.  As your consultants our focus is price, performance and security while including confidentiality, integrity and availability for your infrastructure. Our belief system for you is, “I really can afford this and can’t afford not too”.

One of our primary objectives is to provide IT (Information Technology) services to the community addressing the digital divide. Part of our mission is to increase the capacity of charitable organizations to more effectively fulfill their missions through technological and financial assistance and solutions. We envision providing leadership in digital literacy and education programs to improve the socioeconomic conditions of lower-income individuals and families.

Our goal is connecting Chicago’s corporate, philanthropic, and government leadership to the issues and needs confronting nonprofit organizations. Defining a brighter future through leadership, resources, and education for the broader nonprofit community. Our organization also plans to reach out to those individuals’ coming out of penal institutions delivering them the much needed basic computer skills they will need to participate in a productive society. Our organization is based on helping people become technically efficient so they can function in the day –to-day operations whether it’s in the workforce, their community or for personal use. Our goal is to obtain the proper funding from all avenues, resources and directions to make this goal a reality to the further advancement of society as a whole.